Lower River

East side of 101 bridge

The best access point to the lower river is located at the north end of the 101 bridge where it crosses the Van Duzen. This road, to the right leads to the gravel bars alongside the river. Along the south bank of the river, under the bridge and a little upstream are found some deep holes that hold steelhead waiting for higher flow to travel upstream.West side of 101 bridge

The next access area is from Fisher Road located just to the west of Carlotta. During periods of low water this area offers excellent flyfishing opportunities, while during high water times, it is a popular drift spot.

Traveling further upstream on Highway 36, watch for chalk bluffs along the river. Deep pools form at the base of these bluffs where they enter the river. These pools hold steelhead when fish are in the river.

Mid - Section

Traveling further upstream, you will cross a bridge. There are some deep holes located at this bridge.Chalk Bluffs to right offer holding pools Upstream from this bridge is a large bar that offers some good flyfishing pools. The best access to these pools is through the redwood grove on the north side of the road.
At the upstream side of this bar is another bridge. On the north end of this bridge is an access road that leads to the river. There are some nice deep pools accessible in this area.
Driving about 1.5 miles on 36 is a lumber access road in a valley. The water in this area offers some flyfishing when water is up a little.

Upper River

Traveling further upstream you will come to Grizzly State Park. Looking downstream from Grizzly State ParkThis is probably the best area to fish in the upper stretches of the river. The area offers rocks and deep holding holes. This area is located to the downstream side of the Park. The area accessible from the camping area offers shallow pools and not the deeper pools downstream.

Two miles upstream of the Park is another bridge. Access to this area is from the highway and stretches for about a mile on the downstream side of the bridge. This area offers good bait and flyfishing opportunities.
Traveling another 4.5 miles upstream is another bridge. This access is to a shallow riffle area.

GOAT ROCK: The Goat Rock area of the Van Duzen is probably the best know area on the River. (Which means crowded fishing conditions!). This area on the south side of the river has large rocks which have formed large holding pools. When steelhead are in the upper section of the river they will be in these holes. Access to this area is just downstream of Goat Rock from the north side of the river down a steep trail. A large turnout provides parking.

Upstream from Goat Rock is a deep canyon. The majority of this area is inaccessible. There is one access point about 1.2 miles above Goat Rock that offers good holding areas and is worth a try.
Bridgeville is the upper limit of legal fishing. There are some access points from the town to shallow holding pools. Steelhead hold in these holes during low water, waiting to go further upstream to spawn.