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Redwood Creek
Water Condition: Clear  Weather: Partly Cloudy 
  Yuck. I just read a posting that was listed on 5/24/08. This guy actually sounds PROUD that he was snagging salmon. It's very easy to snag them...used to do it by accident all the time on the Feather River. Sorry to say but this F/U attitude is exactly was is killing fishing. Mr., there's a reason it's illegal. If you really need to kill a fish, do it in some other Oregon. See how they respond to you there.
Posted by:fred fly

Redwood Creek
Water Condition: Clear  Weather: Clear 
  Headed up on our annual father and son trip,"hoping for Rain" we decided to hit our Favorite bank fihin spot , 3 fish hooked the fist day. River was super LOW and clear. For fish known as FISH WITH ATTITUDES, they sure proved it in their fight!! Second day the creek was even lower. Seen a couple of fish in the fast water, but were spooked by anything thrown there way. There in there, good luck.. Hopefully be back after a storm or two.. Fish On!!!!!!!!! The Galli's
Posted by:Tom Galli

Redwood Creek
Water Condition: Modoff  Weather: Clear 
  well the creek was pretty dirty considering what the gauge said, reckon itll take at least a weak before it really starts fishing.hpefully it doesnt rain until then!
Posted by:steelhead killa

Redwood Creek
Water Condition: N/A  Weather: N/A 
  Well, is it fishable or not. Coming up and rain in the forecast. I know it had to be good for a few days, but if the river comes up a little, is it lost, or will it come back ok. Thanks for your input.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Posted by:Jim Jonesd

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